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We have halted our sales as our token policy has locked.


When will I get my SushiByte?

It will show up in your wallet within several minutes in most cases. During extra peak period, it could take longer.

What happens if I send the wrong amount?

A refund will arrive in your wallet for the amount with the transaction fee subtracted.

How many times can I send to the same purchase instruction?

Only send once. Sending more will initiate a refund. If you want to get more, click "Purchase one SushiByte" or "Purchase five SushiByte".

Why isn't my refund the full amount?

We apologize for this, but we have to subtract the transaction fee (approximately 0.16 ADA - 0.18 ADA) when we send you the refund.

What wallet can I use?

Only use Yoroi, Daedalus, or Adalite. DO NOT use a wallet from an exchange.

What happens if I use a wallet from an exchange?

The SushiByte will be lost eternally. A refund cannot be issued in this case.

Whats the price?

A SushiByte costs 50 ada + dust. A batch of five SushiBytes will costs 250 ada.